Pllek explores the conscious side of music during ADE

Thursday, 12 September 2019
The four-day program takes a closer look into the relation of music and nature with live performances from Dominik Eulberg, Genii, Ryan Davis and Thaalavattam amongst others.

Following up on recent news about Ruigoord and Studio/K we continue with Pllek and their schedule that runs from ADE Thursday through Sunday.

Following up on recent news about Ruigoord and Studio/K we continue with Pllek and their schedule that runs from ADE Thursday through Sunday.

Pllek is located at the vibrant waterfront of the NDSM Wharf, and will transform into an intimate live music stage during ADE. With their four-day program, they will take a closer look into the relationship of music and nature with special showcases, a panel talk and live performances.

On Thursday Pllek is kicking off with Karpov not Kasparov, known for their shows that often feature more than just their music. You might see ballet dancers or a theatrical performance, sometimes chess games played by the audience and other times the musicians play a live score for obscure silent films. Their style could be described as music with jazzy flavors, inspired by Oriental Folklore and mixed with 80's dance floor sounds.

Friday starts with Origins Live, consisting of an interactive panel featuring DJ Isis, Dominik Eulberg and Ryan Davis, where they will discuss their experience and conscious approach of their contemplative music performances. Afterwards Dominik Eulberg's meditative recital will bring you into higher realms with music inspired by nature and then naturally flows into a proper dance night full of melodic techno. The Columbian duo Mitú, known for their signature "Psychedelic Techno From The Jungle" sound are set to close the night at the second stage of the venue.

Jasper Lowik, Jerry Bloem and Terence Roelofsen aka. Genii, are taking over on Saturday and will musically weave the old with the new with a live performance. Genii stands for the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing amplified by numerous spirits throughout multiple dimensions.

On Sunday, the NDSM Wharf transforms its area into the ADE Hangover with art installations, live bands, DJs, hot tubs and even a sauna. At Pllek you are able to enjoy a performance from conscious and sustainable artist Thaalavattam from India, followed up by Marcelo Umaña & Abel Nagengast from Red Light Radio, who will be closing off the night and with it Pllek's ADE program.

About Pllek

Pllek is an open-minded, surprising, warm and creative cultural hang-out that serves honest food and programs music, movies, exhibitions, workshops and much more. During previous ADE editions the venue played host to Crouwel, Feiertag, Sjamsoedin and Zes amongst others.

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