Dockyard and Mystic Garden join forces to host more than 50 artists at Havenpark

Friday, 19 July 2019
Festival attendants can drift freely between the two distinctive events enabling them to fully experience the diverse lineup consisting of Alienata, Cailín, Luuk Van Dijk, Mind Against, Monika Kruse, Olivier Weiter, Radio Slave and many others.

After recent announcements about Kompakt at De Marktkantine and Intercell announcing their ADE schedule, we continue with more festival news as Dockyard and Mystic Garden return to Havenpark on Saturday, October 19th.

The two contrasting concepts take part in creating a 2-in-1 festival experience. Dockyard is known for its industrial and techno aesthetics as opposed to the fairytale-like atmospheres of Mystic Garden. Both festivals share the same general entrance, so it's possible to walk back and forth from one world to another.

Hosting partners of this edition include FIGURE, GEM Records, Machine, Mindshake Records, Once Upon A Time and Treehouse, inviting more than 50 artists to the different stages.

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