Privacy Statement Stichting Amsterdam Dance Event


In this Privacy Statement, we aim to inform you as comprehensible and complete as possible about the way in which we may collect and use your (personal) data.

We are Stichting Amsterdam Dance Event, a foundation with full legal capacity, having its registered office in (1031 HV) Amsterdam at Wilgenweg 6 and registered with the chamber of commerce under KvK number 34292016 (in the following referred to as: ‘the ADE Foundation’). You can reach us at the aforementioned address or by email at [email protected] or in case of specific privacy issues at [email protected].

We organize the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, an international platform combining a business conference, a platform for brand activation and a(n) (indoor) festival consisting of events featuring electronic music (‘the ADE’), in part through our website(s), including but not limited to www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl, and/or the website(s) (of organization(s)) affiliated to our website(s) (the ‘Website(s)), web interfaces on our own and/or affiliated website(s) and our own social media pages and/or those of companies we work together with for the purpose of organizing the ADE (our ‘Partner Companies’), where our visitors to the business conference (‘Delegates’) and visitors to the festival (‘Visitors’) can directly make agreements or bookings, and the ADE Foundation apps linked to the Website(s) (together referred to as: the ‘Platform’).

For the purpose of organizing the ADE, we may use (some of) the personal data of Visitors and/or and Delegates.

It is very important to us that data obtained from our visitors is used in a responsible manner. As such, we process and protect your personal data carefully and in compliance with the relevant provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is not compulsory to provide personal data to make use of the Platform. However, for some of our services it might be necessary to provide certain personal data.

1. The data we use

We may collect and/or use the following data of visitors to the ADE, the Website(s) and/or other parts of the Platform:

‘Registration Data’
Data you have provided to us yourself when:
registering with us for an account, such as your name, gender, email and home address, place and date of birth, log-in name, password, profile picture and IP-address and/or data about your social network profiles, including website(s) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud and Instagram;
purchasing products, such as your name, gender, email and home address, place and date of birth, log-in name, password, profile picture, IP-address and payment details;
registering for specific services (for instance to perform at the ADE), such as your name, gender, email and home address, place and date of birth, log-in name, password, profile picture and IP-address; and/or
registering for newsletters, such as name, gender, email and home address, place and date of birth, log-in name, password and IP-address.
Delegates may be asked to provide further information such as occupation, phone number, company data including company name, phone number, picture and address. We primarily use your Registration Data to carry out our agreement with you as best as we can or for the purposes of our internal administration.

‘External Data’
Data which we have access to through:
our Partners (companies we have agreements with to provide you certain services, like Booking.com or KLM), which you have provided them in order to make use of their services;
our Promoters (companies that organize an event that is part of the ADE festival and are responsible for the said event), but only in case you have provided them with such data in order to make use of their services;
and/or Third Parties (companies that provide certain online services through the Platform, such as Spotify, YouTube, Xaton, Paylogic or Facebook), upon providing them with your data and after registering with us through their (website(s) or app(s)) or when you make a payment for a purchase on the Platform.

‘Venue Data’
Data we have collected about which venues and corresponding performances you visited during the ADE. We collect these Venue Data when you check into a venue taking part in the ADE using a wristband containing an electronic chip.

‘Commercial Data’
Data we have collected and compiled about your online interests and buying behavior, which we will only use as anonymized data, except if you have given us permission to use it without anonymizing.

‘Surf Data’
Data we collect about your surfing behavior:
on our Platform, such as your type of account and IP-address, the time of your visit and/or services you have used on or through the Platform
technical information, such as your browser type and which functionalities you use which we only use anonymously or after having received your explicit permission. Part of Surf Data are cookies, which are discussed in a little more detail below.
Furthermore, we may use anonymized and combined data for various purposes, such as testing of our IT systems, research, data analyses, development of marketing and promotional models and new and improved appliances and services.

2. How we use your data

Registration and use of account
To create an account on the Platform, and to offer, deliver and invoice the products and/or services you order on our Platform through this account, we will use your Registration Data and/or External Data if you register through one of our Third Parties.
Upon registration with us, or if you have pre-registered, we will send you a welcoming email.
Furthermore, we will use your Registration Data and your Surf Data (such as user cookies) to verify that you are the same user who purchased certain products and/or services on the Platform, for example tickets, wrist bands and merchandise.
Only when you are registered as a Delegate, some of your Registration Data may become visible to other Delegates, in their accounts or in a physical guide. This is only possible for Delegates and is part of our agreement with Delegates to offer the
full experience of a delegate ticket: to know which other Delegates will be attending in order to optimize their participation in the Conference by, for instance, networking and making new business contacts. Any other information besides your name, such as your e-mail address or telephone number, will only be made visible if you have given us permission to do so and as long as you have not withdrawn your permission.
We collect External Data when you register through one of our Third Parties. We may use such External Data to adapt and be able to provide services adjusted to your tastes and interests.
On the Platform you also have the possibility to register for services from our Partners. In case you do so, we will not collect or use such External Data. It will be provided directly to those Partners and their privacy policy applies to further use they make thereof. We will make sure it is always clear to you when you are providing your data to such Partners. We will, however, collect Surf Data and Commercial Data about the interaction you have with our Partners in order to adjust and optimize our services to your interests in the future.
We may collect your Registration Data, Venue Data, Commercial Data and/or Surf Data to analyze the way in which you visit and use the Platform and purchase our products and services, or to make an anonymous profile of your interests and behavior, including the way in which you interact on various parts of the Platform such as purchase of products through us or our Partners or Third Parties.
From time to time, we may use the Registration Data to contact you for the purpose of market research.
The legal ground for the use of your data in the above is the necessity to perform our agreements with you and legitimate interests to know who makes use of our services and how. Where we use your data based on your explicit permission, you are always entitled to withdraw such permission in the way as set out below.
In order to offer you a personalized experience of the use of our Platform, we may lease data in an electronic form, for instance by placing third party pixels on our Website(s), to our carefully selected Third Parties, so that they are able to offer products or services. But only if you have given us permission to do so.
Subscriptions and forms
You will only receive our newsletters if you have subscribed to our newsletter, in which you will always have the possibility to unsubscribe.
If we have your explicit permission, we may use your Registration Data, Venue Data, Commercial Data and/or Surf Data to send you information about artists or speakers performing at ADE and events that might interest you.
To make (targeted) offers via advertising, email and/or social media networks and to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and/or updates and/or service announcements, we may use your Registration Data, Surf Data and/or Commercial Data;
The legal ground for this use of your data is your explicit permission and/or our legitimate interests to know how you make use of our services and improve our business.
Venue Data
In principle, these data shall only be processed as anonymized data for internal purposes such as statistics and to gain insight into visitor numbers. We will only use Venue Data in a non-anonymized form if you have explicitly given your prior permission.
Use of Venue Data helps us to improve our services, because it shows us which events and performances as part of the ADE have been popular and which have not. It also helps us to try to adapt our services to suit your wishes and expectations even more.
Anonymized Venue Data enable us to check whether our Promoters actually meet their obligation to us and allow the agreed minimum number of Delegates to enter the event in question.
You are able to link your Venue Data to your profile on selected social media networks. If you choose to do so, your Venue Data will be available on the selected social media network in a way that depends on the settings in your social media account settings. As long as you don’t explicitly choose for this option, the Venue Data will not be disclosed.
The social media networks in question are responsible for the use of data through this functionality, including the use of cookies they could use for this purpose. From the moment you choose this functionality, what the social media network does with your data is out of our hands. The privacy statements and conditions of those social media networks apply.
The legal ground for this use of your data is your explicit permission and/or our legitimate interests to improve our services.

3. Third parties

We only share your Data with Partners, Promoters and Third Companies where we explicitly let you know.
We will never transfer your personal data to third parties without your explicit permission, except when it is necessary to carry out our agreement with you – for instance, to deliver products, services or tickets where we share data with our carefully selected processors – or if we are required to do so by law.
To be able to provide our services, we use companies to process and store information including your Data (‘third party processors’). In order for them to carry out their agreement, we may transfer your Data to them. In such cases we will always make sure they are obliged to apply our same standards of processing and protection of your Data.
When you register for services from our Partners, your information will be handed over to those parties and their privacy policy applies to further use they make thereof. We will make sure it is always clear to you when you are providing your data to such Partners.

4. Cookies and Surf Data

We may collect automatically generated Surf Data, including your IP-address and cookies. Our servers also automatically record certain data, such as the URL, IP address, browser type, language and the date and time of the visit to the Website(s). We store these Surf Data and use them make statistical analyses of visits to and use of the Website(s) and also to optimize the Website(s). We always anonymize Surf Data as much as possible.
To ensure that the Website(s) are working properly, we can, just as most websites do, use cookies to obtain information to make it easier for you to navigate the Website(s). These cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer and that contain the data necessary to ensure that your use of the Website(s) is as positive and effective as possible. This could include remembering your personal settings, such as language settings and preferences for mobile or desktop, the contents of a shopping basket and/or remembering that you are logged in. These cookies can be set via the settings used for the web browser.
We also use Google Analytics and Google Analytics cookies to gain an insight into how the Website(s) is (or are) used. This information (including IP-address) shall only be provided to Google when wanting to use the Google statistics program. We do not use other Google services when using Google Analytics. We have a Data Processing Agreement with Google and will make sure to partially anonymize the IP-address and switch off the option to share data.
Finally, cookies can be placed via the Website(s) and then read by Facebook, Twitter and KLM. We do not have any influence on the use of these data by these parties and they are responsible for this type of cookie use and their privacy statements and conditions shall apply in this situation.

5. Time limit

We shall not hold personal data any longer than necessary for carrying out our agreements with you as set out in the above. This means that upon unsubscribing from communications or user accounts, we will erase your Data we have for those purposes.
In case we hold and use your personal data based on your permission, we will immediately remove your data upon withdrawal of your permission.

6. Withdrawal of permission

In case we use your personal data based on your explicit prior permission, you can at all times withdraw your permission by sending an email to [email protected] with a request and description of which permission you wish to withdraw. In case you make such a request we will provide you with a form to specify your request. Also, when we send you direct marketing messages for which we do not need your prior explicit permission, you are absolutely free to sign out from such messages.

7. Access, removal, corrections and complaints

You are required to ensure that the Registration Data you provide to us is always correct. However, you of course always have the general privacy rights of access to and correction of your personal data, the right to be forgotten and to restriction of processing, the right of data portability, and the right not to be subjected to automated decision making (profiling), which means the following.
You are always free to contact us in writing via the e-mail address [email protected] to request information about whether or not we use any of your personal data, where and for what purpose we do so. If so, we will provide you with an electronic copy of any of your personal data we may use, which you are free to transmit to another data controller.
If you believe they are no longer relevant for the purposes for which they were collected, you also have the right to send us a request to erase your personal data and/or cease further dissemination of your personal data.
Furthermore, you are free to provide us with any corrections to your personal data.
We ask you when sending us one of the requests above, to provide us with a copy of a valid identification document. We shall consider your requests by comparing your privacy rights to the public interest in the availability of the data.
Finally, you have the right to send us any motivated complaints about how we use your personal data and, if you so wish, file a complaint with the supervisory privacy authority.

8. Protection

We will treat all your personal data with the greatest possible care and that we shall not use the data for any purposes other than those that can be understood to be included in the purposes referred to above.
We have put all reasonable measures in place to ensure that personal data are protected against theft, misconduct and/or data breaches. Only our own employees have access to the data, provided they are responsible for the accounts and the Website(s) and have signed a non-disclosure agreement and shall then solely be able to use the said data for the purposes referred to above.
In all agreements regarding third party processors we oblige those parties to install at least the same level of protection and measurements protecting your personal data.

9. Transfer to third countries

We may transfer data to a processor or third party based in a country outside of the EU or international organizations, but only if they provide appropriate measures to safeguard the protection of your data, and on condition that your rights and effective legal remedies are available. In such cases we will upon your request provide you with a copy of which data are transferred and to which third countries and under which level of protection.

10. Minors

If you have not reached the age of 16 yet, your parents or legal representatives must be aware of this Privacy Statement before you are able to register and use the Website(s) and the Platform.

11. General

We reserve the right to modify this privacy and cookie policy and, as such, advise you to regularly check the most-up-to-date version of the Privacy Statement on the Website(s) or Platform to see if any changes have been made. If changes are of a fundamental nature, we shall clearly notify you of these changes, for example via e-mail. The most recent changes to this Privacy Statement were made and published in May 2018.
This Privacy Statement and its contents have been construed under the applicability of and are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
Any disputes arising will be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.