Traverse ADE with Uber

Thursday, 10 October 2019
Smoothly move between ADE's many venues using the ubiquitous ridesharing app.

For the sixth year running, ADE and Uber will be collaborating to give you the best conference and festival experience possible as you move between the many venues around Amsterdam. We listed some tips for you to ensure you can hop across town as smooth as possible. First up: use the code ADE2019 for your first ride in order to receive a 10 euro discount.

Good to know before you go

ADE welcomed 400,000 visitors last year, so transport can be in high demand. Uber’s way of ensuring that more drivers are out on the road is dynamic pricing, so it helps to take timing into account before ordering your ride. You’ll always get an idea of the price in the app. Prices can drop quickly, so if you feel they are a tad high, just try again a little later.

Ready, set, go

To get ready for ADE, check that you have the most recent version of the Uber app, that your log-in still works, and that you have a valid payment method linked to your account.

Keep your mates up to date

It’s easy to let your friends know where you are, whether you’re almost at the club, just about to pick them up, or safely home. Use the “Share trip status” button to tell someone about your ride and location. They’ll receive a link that allows them to track your ride live and see when you’ve reached your destination.

Got the right ride?

Before getting in, check the model and license plate of the car to make sure you’re catching the right ride. The app also provides you with your driver’s name and photo so you can be double sure.

Multiple stops

If you want to pick up your friends, drop them off, check out the line at several clubs or see whats happening in different parts of town: simply add the address of your extra stop(s) to your trip in the app so the driver knows exactly where to go.

Going Dutch: Split your fare

It’s easy to share the cost of your ride with your friends – just select “Split Fare” at the bottom of your screen during the trip.

New to Uber? Enter promo code ADE2019 via the option ‘payments’ to receive €10 off on your first trip in The Netherlands.