From a bbq rave to drag and circus performances, discover the diversity of SEXYLAND’s program

Friday, 11 October 2019
With a new "owner" everyday the venue is set to host a variety of nights including upcoming talent and club veterans from ADE Wednesday trough Saturday.
Outside SL

Following up on news about OT301 and Bret we continue with more festival news, as SEXYLAND will return to ADE.


Following up on news about OT301 and Bret we continue with more festival news, as SEXYLAND will return to ADE.

Sociëteit SEXYLAND is a conceptual club at the NDSM Wharf in the North of Amsterdam. For 365 days it has a different "owner", every day. The "owner" of the day decides what kind of club they want it to be, which can vary from art exhibitions to sporting events, and from gangster rap nights to dinners in stroboscopic light. SEXYLAND strives to mark every unknown corner of Amsterdam, to show what an enormous diversity the city has to offer. During ADE it will be no different as every night will bring you a new exciting concept.

Wednesday will be all about discovering new music as SEXYLAND invites the young Amsterdam collective SYMBYOSYS to provide a stage for upcoming experimental electronic DJs and artists. Be prepared for sounds ranging from dancehall to atmospherical and sub-driven 4x4 beats.

Burning Down The House
, taking place on ADE Thursday, is hosted by Arthur Baker’s acclaimed concept Return to New York, London Decked Out! Agency and Joost van Bellen - the infamous queer minded club transformer. Van Bellen is a familiar face at ADE and good friend of SEXYLAND. Together with Buenavista, Doppelgang, Paranoid London and others he and Baker will present a nine-hour music mayhem with a line-up that mixes contemporary artists with veterans.

This will be the third edition of Safe Grill in SEXYLAND - the second time taking place during ADE - it is becoming a tradition. On Friday you can rave and enjoy freshly grilled sausages at the same time, at Young Marco's BBQ-rave. Local artist Max Abysmal and Young Marco himself will man the decks while you are waiting for your burger to be well done.

House of Yes is a performance art creative collective based in Brooklyn that has become a beacon of NYC nightlife since 2016. They are renowned for producing exceptional nightlife circus spectacles, and creative experiences that defy categorization and transcend genre. Together with Club Church, the House of Hopelezz and Vibelab they are in charge of the Saturday program, presenting Sexy Mess, an event that encourages you to be the best, sexiest and craziest version of yourself with the aim to make the fetish subculture more relevant to the wider LGBTQI community. The line-up will feature guest DJ's and queer, drag and circus performances by artists coming from Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Berlin and beyond.

On ADE Sunday SEXYLAND hosts Happiness on Demand, where Thijs Roes goes into a conversation with artists Dries Verhoeven and Machteld Busz about this topic. Marian Donner will close off the program with a "live" column.


SEXYLAND is a conceptual club located on the NDSM Wharf in the North of Amsterdam. They have a different "owner" 365 days a year. The "owner" of the day decides what kind of club they want it to be, it's a tabula rasa that can be written in any way possible. Every day is a new day at SEXYLAND.


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