Mayo (NL)


Amsterdam’s mayo is a musical multiped, whose path is rather unruly than unlogical. Her DJ sets, as well as her first releases, prove that she’s not easy to pigeonhole. With a focus on downtempo electronics, EBM and techno, she weaves together a wide array of musical styles. Taking music lessons at a young age, she discovered she couldn't commit to one program. By playing the drums, the guitar, and the saxophone, she worked towards a playfield of her own. Inspired by many musical styles, ranging from punk and metal to reggaeton, mayo eventually moved towards DJing and music production, which would channel her unstoppable energy best. With whatever available to her, she managed to brew her experimental sounds into electronic punk music carrying her uncompromised disposition of character. After years of programming in the dark, mayo offered her debut EP “Sad Violin Music” (United Identities), followed up by the "Frenemies" EP (Fides) as well as multiple one track releases on Brokntoys and a more recently a haunting remix on the Berlin label R.I.O. These releases present her unapologetic approach, her sense for detail and hunch for sound design. Her self-built modular synth takes the lead in her sonic journeys. Following the ghosts in her cables, she creates immersive tracks, driven by sinister drum programming.

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    2015, 2014 & 2013

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