Darling (NL)

Darling has made a significant impact since debuting with a sublime remix of Awanto 3’s “Star Butchers” on Dekmantel, which included some killer new synthesizer work. Further lavish praise followed the release of his first EP on Voyage Direct, a collection of starry, retro-futurist tributes to Detroit and Chicago entitled Jacob’s Lead. The Dutch DJ/producer behind the alias has been a part of the Amsterdam scene for the best part of two decades. He was born into a family of sound designers, and was gifted his first synthesizer by his grandfather, aged 15. Ever since, music has been his life. Under other aliases, he’s already chalked up over a century of releases, many well regarded in underground techno circles, allowing him the opportunity to showcase his finely honed DJ skills all over the World. With almost two decades of DJing behind him, the man of mystery is rarely happier than when entertaining crowds with a diverse selection of dancefloor gems.
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