LudoWic (NL)

LudoWic is a Dutch artist / producer. His electronic music is raw, dark and at the same time spherical. Visuals play an important role during the live shows, which are strongly inspired by modern art, architecture and technology. In addition, LudoWic uses a lot of analog vintage synths and gear. In nov 2015 LudoWic released his debut album A Blinding Light Moment under his own label Wic Recordings. His 2nd album Elka Village was released in April 2017. To make this album, he locked himself up in a church for a week and in this peace and seclusion he largely wrote, produced and recorded the album. Collaborations on the album with: Kevin Stunnenberg (The Cinema Escape, Birth of Joy) and Wende Snijders (Wende). At the moment LudoWic is working on the OST for the American indie-game Katana Zero and the soundtrack / scores for the short neo-noir thriller Third Window (release 2018). He is also involved as a producer in the new Wende and the new Lakshmi album that will be released this year.
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