Happiness on Demand

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Happiness on Demand

Happiness on Demand
During ADE Hangover artist Dries Verhoeven will dedicate his artist talk to discuss the grey area between artificial happiness, self-medication and emotional self-determination that he addresses with his installation “Happiness”. Opposite Sexyland, a small grey concrete building decked out with a white neon cross is actually a ‘pharmacy’, manned by Android Amy, who tells us about euphoria, and the how and why of happiness and heightened states of consciousness.

We no longer see emotions as authentic, true experiences, but as chemical processes in our brains, which can be manipulated to our heart’s desire. By tweaking serotonin and dopamine levels, we can shape our reality. Consciousness-changing pharmaceuticals are deeply distrusted but, in the light of technological advances and rising demand, is this reticent approach still tenable?

Artist Talk: Happiness on Demand
Thijs Roes (The Correspondent and Vice Media) in conversation with artist Dries Verhoeven and Machteld Busz (Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam) about ‘Happiness'. The talk will be closed with a ‘live’ column by Marian Donner (author Zelfverwoestingsboek)

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