ADE Green

The pioneering conference on sustainability, innovation and social change in the music industry.

ADE Green features international keynote speakers, food for thought in combination with practical hands-on workshops and a range of panels on different topics. The conference takes place at DeLaMar Theater on Friday October 18th.

This year’s program will explore the newest and most impactful strategies for environmental and social change within the industry. Over the past year, the urgency to change our behavior became more alarming than ever, and we as an industry must face the ugly facts and step up our game. So, how do we move towards organizing sustainable events and how can we inspire the music industry to participate in social and sustainable actions. Explore the full ADE Green Program here.

Connect with the ADE Green community, which includes like-minded people from the entire electronic music industry, brands, influencers and artists for networking, fast internet, good tunes, and a well-stocked bar.


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