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ADE Startups

Connect with our network of forward thinking music-tech founders and industry professionals at ADE Startups Day, on Thursday October 19th. The full day program includes insightful panels about the future of the music industry, specifically tailored to you as music startup founder. Also, there will be plenty of opportunities for social meetups during the open mic session, the speed dating program and closing drinks. Finally, we use Startups Day to launch 'The Chorus' - a new unconventional development & mentorship platform within the music startup community (learn more below).

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About ADE Startups

At the heart of electronic music, ADE Startups empowers a new generation of impactful music-tech startups on a mission to shape the future of the music industry.
Building on the success of last year’s inaugural edition, this year we’re gathering our extended network of mission driven music-tech founders and music professionals at ADE Startups Day on October 19th, in Felix Meritis, Amsterdam.

Join the full day conference including professional speed dates, an open mic session, social meetups, and highly relevant panels addressing the future of the music industry.

✓ Inspiring panels with music founders

✓ 1 on 1 connects with investors & music companies

✓ ADE music pro community

Download the full timetable here.

Introducing 'The Chorus' - An unconventional platform for startups in music-tech

Among the ADE Pro community, we see many promising music entrepreneurs and startups that are eager to revolutionize the music industry - but success at scale remains limited to just a few. We believe that with the right support, creative ideas will positively transform our industry. That’s why ADE is organizing a new and unconventional startup program within the heart of ADE Pro to help extraordinary music-tech startups to take off. And because today’s startups scene will shape tomorrow’s music industry, we are devoted to using our global stage to amplify their mission.

ADE presents The Chorus - a new platform that unites and supports the music startup eco system and has its special tight knit program for development & mentorship for the most promising startups throughout the year. Out of 500 Music Startups, 8 founders from all over the world have been selected by ADE's dreamteam of music experts and investors that care about the future of our industry.

The Chorus kicks off a at ADE with the express purpose of Empowering the next generation of startups to change the music industry for the better.

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Download the full timetable here.

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