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​​Sona is a free music streaming platform that puts artists in control of the culture they create with a fresh economic model: capitalizing on a song's future rewards, uniquely generated within the Sona ecosystem. This forges a shared royalty journey with music's most ardent supporters without impacting traditional revenue streams.

Prioritizing genuine music discovery, Sona's algorithm-free approach fosters connections through friends and curators. This promotes organic growth, freeing artists from the constraints of algorithms and centralized editorial directives. On Sona, artists don't just sell their existing royalties or IP; they leverage the unique revenues our platform offers. With a dual-revenue system—streaming rewards distributed pro-rata based percentage of total streams and the SONA marketplace, where fans can purchase ownership of specific song rewards—Sona stands at the forefront of music industry innovation.

Sona is the flagship product of Sona Technologies, a music technology company realigning how value is generated, captured and rewarded across the industry ecosystem.

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