Collabhouse (NL)

Welcome to Collabhouse, the epicenter of collaboration for music makers, content creators, and fans & collectors. Our innovative platform empowers users and transforms the music and content creation industry.

Music makers - We empower artists with music distribution, promotion, and sync licensing. Additionally, we lead the way in integrating blockchain technology, enabling the creation and sale of royalty split NFTs, revolutionizing how artists monetize their work.

Content creators - Collabhouse offers a creative paradise where creators can collaborate with artists, enhance their content with the perfect soundtrack, and license original music from our vast library. We simplify the process, opening doors to new creative possibilities.

Fans & collectors - Support your favorite artists directly by purchasing NFTs. Beyond ownership, participate in the journey by buying, collecting, and trading Collabhouseroyalty split NFTs. Deepen your connection with the music you love.

Collabhouse is more than a platform; it's a community, marketplace, and catalyst for change in the music industry.

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