Top Notch | Noah’s Ark Keynote by Vincent Patty

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Top Notch | Noah’s Ark-managing director Vincent Patty, also known as prominent Dutch hip-hop artist Jiggy Djé, will present a keynote at ADE Beats 2019. He will discuss how the number one hip-hop company in The Netherlands has been developing from two ground-breaking and pioneering record labels. Together they form a much broader and influential company that merges culture, commerce and creativity in a disruptive and exciting manner.

At the centre of a huge creative network solidly grounded in the Dutch hip-hop scene, Top Notch | Noah’s Ark has been instrumental in helping to create the huge commercial success of rap music in The Netherlands - bypassing traditional gatekeepers online and amassing millions of subscribers for their artists and YouTube channels.

Top Notch | Noah’s Ark’ success and way of doing business has been inspirational for music industry professionals worldwide. In recent years the organisation has grown rapidly - hiring top artists as creative directors and A&R managers, bringing together music and brands creatively with a dedicated commercial agency branch. And creating content that directly caters to the youth that their staff and artists interact with daily.

Top Notch | Noah’s Ark Keynote by Vincent Patty