Afrolosjes presents: The Global Success of Africa's Club Sounds

Wednesday, 02 October 2019

One of the major themes at ADE Beats 2019 is the huge success of African club sounds worldwide - and the major influence and inspiration of African popular music scenes on the entire popular music industry and its biggest global stars and genres. In this panel we talk to music and industry insiders of some of the most prominent popular music scenes in Africa and discuss the rise and international influence of afrobeats, Gqom, bongo flava and African rap music, dancehall and African dance music and DJ culture in general. Key figures and connectors DJ Lag, Nana Kwama a.k.a. Small God and Timi ‘TMXO’ Aladeloba will share their insider knowledge on Africa’s most successful popular music scenes and the past, present and future of the booming African beats scene, and will discuss how the respective sounds of their scenes travel all over the globe and the great influence of Africa’s diaspora music on modern-day popular music.