Sena Performers presents: Taking Care of Business - 10 Years of Rotterdam Airlines

Thursday, 05 September 2019

Record label Rotterdam Airlines was founded in 2009 by brothers Luciano and Jairzinho Winter. With artists like Sevn Alias, BKO and Kevin they played an important part in the huge success of Dutch rap music in the past decade. In 2017 the label won the prestigious Edison Award for best hip-hop album of the year for hit compilation Gate 16. In their ADE Beats 2019 panel hosted by Dutch neighbouring rights organisation Sena Performers, the brothers behind Rotterdam Airlines and buzzing Rotterdam Airlines artists Young Ellens and Jack will partner up with Sena Performers director Markus Bos to discuss their work and career with a special emphasis on the business side. They will focus on how they have organized their rights and finances since exploding upon the scene and since then and share tips with the audience on how to create long jeopardy and a strong financial foundation. In the current music industry, it is fundamental for artists/composers and music entrepreneurs to know the inner workings and financial potential of copyright and licensing. At ADE Beats 2019 Sena Performers informs artists on their music licensing and copy rights while Luciano and Jairzinho Winter and artists Jack and Young Ellens discuss the impact of Rotterdam Airlines and explain how they deal with this side of the music business.