Foot Locker presents: Interactive Q&A - All Eyes On RIMON

Monday, 07 October 2019

RIMON is a self-made star. Talented and dedicated, inspiring and independent. She is also a star from a new generation. At this interactive talk at ADE Beats 2019 hosted by Foot Locker, she will be interviewed by the audience. Ask her anything about her artistic vision, the steps she took towards gaining millions of streams while also staying true to herself, her insider tips for being a successful independent artist in the modern-day music scene - and much more. RIMON is part of a collective of creative souls that has forged its own path in the music industry, going from the underground music scene of Amsterdam to worldwide recognition on its own terms. RIMON dropped out of school at the age of 17 to travel and create music with producer Samuel Kareem and has been building her career steadily and carefully. She is now set for long-term success with her latest singles striving online and the quality of her music applauded by major international music blogs and curators.