ADE Beats Talk: Josylvio X Chivv

Tuesday, 03 September 2019

Last year, hip-hop artist Josylvio was the most streamed artist in The Netherlands. He is the first Dutch pop star in history who had the number-1 record of the year with a digital-only release - Hella Cash, an album he released on his own record label. Chivv reached more than 200 million stream with his former rap formation SBMG, shined as guest artist on hits like Cartier, JA! and Huts and scored his first number 1-record as a soloist this year with Ewa, Ewa. Get inside the huge commercial success of Dutch rap with two of its biggest stars. At ADE Beats Josylvio and Chivv will talk about creating and scoring hit songs in the modern-day pop music industry, the explosive success of their genre over the past years, their approach to making music and developing their career, and how they see themselves and their scene develop in the near future.