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Monday, 14 October 2019
ADE Green is upon us on Friday and the interest for this year’s program is mounting. We’d like to share five highlights that should not be missed. Keep scrolling for the latest insights into our program, with the full timetable at the end of this article.
ADE Green

Following up on recent news about ADE introducing MoMI and Amsterdam's centre hotspots we continue with the conference highlights for ADE Green.

Following up on recent news about ADE introducing MoMI and Amsterdam's centre hotspots we continue with the conference highlights for ADE Green.

Explore the relationship between nature, humanity and the arts
Panel: Nature Needs Heroes presented by Timberland
October 18th, from 12:15 till 1 PM – DeLaMar Theater - Room D8

It's common to think of dance music as thoroughly synthetic. Its imagery is of the dance floor with lasers, strobes, LEDs or of digital visuals. Our subjective experience is of enclosed spaces, from airport to taxi and from rave to party. But something new is afoot in the 21st century... This panel discusses other innovative ideas on how to further integrate the natural world into the electronic dance scene. Maybe we need “ecological thought” that doesn't separate an abstracted “nature” from the more manufactured human world? ADE Green is going to explore the integration of these two worlds, together with DJ/producers, a professor of Philosophy and Nature/composer and a visual artist, who will all share their personal stories and are inspired and permeated by nature. With: David Rothenberg (professor of Philosophy and Nature/composer)/ Heleen Blanken (visual artist) / Neel (DJ/producer)

Say hello to the biggest elephant in the room
Panel: Frequent flyers: Does DJ Culture Have To Rely On Air Miles?
October 18th, from 1:15 till 2:15 PM – DeLaMarTheater – Room D5

How can the events industry minimize its travel footprint? How can you keep your environmental impact low when you pursue an international DJ career, book artists from abroad or organize an event in another part of the world? The answers to these questions are still up in the air. Let’s open up the conversation. Join us to talk about an issue that has been on everyone's minds, yet not many seem to be discussing: air travel. It's the flying elephant in the room. With: Bernice Notenboom (climate journalist) / Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap) / Job Sifre (DJ/producer) / Tom van Wijk (AIR Events)

Give change a chance by embracing activism in music and art
Panel: The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art
October 18th, from 2:30 till 3:30 PM – DeLaMarTheater – Room D5

Music has always been tied up with idealism and loud expression of ideas. And of course, the music industry has global reach and can use that unleash imagination and passion like few other art forms can. In this panel, we will explore the different ways we can campaign through music, arts, and events. How does one form a movement at scale and create real impact? What makes a good campaign and what strategies prove successful? How do we empower audiences, the media and ultimately our governments, to take action? And how do we transform that action into real and lasting change? For this panel, ADE Green locks arms with Resident Advisor. With: Benjamin Sasse (Meadows In The Mountains Festival & Extinction Rebellion) / Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap) / Jayda G (DJ/producer) / Paul Reed (AIF) / Wessel van Eeden (Justdiggit & Raindance Project)

Witness the Green Deal Circular Festivals signed on stage
Panel: International Festivals Join Forces On Circularity
October 18th, from 3:30 till 4:30 PM – DeLaMar Theater - Room D8

Join ADE Green as they launch the Green Deal Circular Festivals. The deal will be signed into action by the participating festivals, and the Dutch Minister of Environment Stientje van Veldhoven. The festivals are committed to collaborate on circular supply chains and develop solutions regarding food, water, energy, mobility, and other material conditions. Curious who will join this ground-breaking initiative? With: Harald Friedl (Circle Economy) / Stientje van Veldhoven (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)

Let out your inner leader to pursue a more sustainable future
Closing Keynote: A New Narrative of Sustainability
October 18th, from 4:30 till 6:30 PM – DeLaMarTheater - Room D8

It's hard to think of a better way of closing a day at ADE Green than a keynote speech from Mac Macartney – someone whose genius is to create new narratives of sustainability. Mac is an international speaker, writer, and change-maker. He seeks to encourage the emergence of the leader in each of us: the leader who will take courageous action for a better world. We are sure Mac's understanding and expression will make you feel that the time is right to put all of your competence and brilliance towards the pursuit of what you truly love: that better future. We invite you to close this day together, with Mac.
Mac Macartney (international speaker & change-maker)

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About ADE Green

ADE Green is the pioneering conference on sustainability, innovation and social change in the music industry and takes place on Friday October 18th at the DeLaMar Theater. Previously announced speakers include Andy Cato, Bernice Notenboom, Eli Goldstein, Harald Friedl, Job Sifre, Tom van Wijk and many others.