Mac Macartney (GB)

Speaker (Embercombe)

Mac Macartney is a writer, coach, eco-peace advocate and an international speaker. He is the founder of Embercombe, a centre located in the UK that seeks to inspire and empower people to live in close relationship with nature and co-create a regenerative, flourishing future for all species. He regularly speaks atfestivals of all kinds on a variety of topics. This year he has spoken at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Medicine, andthe Land Skills Fair. Over the last few years, his work with organisations has included the delivery of multiplepresentations and workshops supporting Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, and speaking engagements withRFK (Robert Kennedy) Human Rights Business Summit, Accenture, and Livingbridge (Private Equity), amongst many others. Mac was a member of Danone North America’s Advisory Committee (2017-19) and in the past he has also sat on the sustainability advisory panels for Lafarge, Lend Lease, and Procter & Gamble. He currently sits on the board of The Climate School (Kite Insights Ltd). Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of indigenous elders. During this training and ever since, he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world-view that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life, together with the significant challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. Mac is the author of two books, the most recent being The Children’s Fire, heart song of a people. He has delivered four compelling TEDx talks.

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