Locklead (NL)

He was born in the Far East, to be precisely in the Far East of the Netherlands, in a little town called Nijverdal. Wesley aka Locklead, a 25 year old house DJ and producer, always new he wasn’t going to end up in a tractor. A palette of music styles including motown, soul, funk and hip hop surrounded him as a child. Some years later the deep electronic vibes of Gui Boratto and Nathan Fake impressed him enough to explore house and techno music to the fullest. Diving deep into the underground house music scene of Utrecht, Lockead started to shape his own style. Illegal raves and artists like Olene Kadar, Kris Wadsworth and Kink and his outstanding computer skills fuelled his internationally appreciated sound: a charming blend of deep house and soul, funk and disco. This year, Locklead participated in the Triphouse Rotterdam King of the Beat Battle 2014 and conquered the first prize. A prominent jury consisting of house veterans Benny Rodrigues, Serge and Gerd praised him for his original style of creating beats on the fly. This, and his releases on imprints like Soulfood, Albion and Boemklatsch promise a bright future for the young Dutch DJ from the Far East.
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