Tasha's World (NL)

In 2002 this album was also made available for Europe when it was released through Dome Records. The album got raving reviews and was voted one of the best albums of 2002 by “Blues and Soul” and “Echoes Magazine”. Greg Boraman, BBC writes: ” ‘Neo-soul’ gets a further boost with the release of the self-titled Tasha’s World. Rotterdam born vocalist Natascha Slagtand presents a confident collection, full of rootsy and organic sounds, complimented by sparse but tough Hip Hop beats. Modern she maybe, but throughout the album you sense a woman who knows her Soul history – especially the sophisticated sounds of the early 70s. Her lyrics are intense and personal studies of love’s twisted turns, a nice change from the meaningless and glib R&B that dominates so much of the charts. What endures well beyond any comparisons is the strength of the melodies on this collection. The compositions are well formed and laden with simple hooks that gel easily with the supporting music. This is a strong debut that augurs very well for home-grown European soul music. One feels sure that the best is yet to come”. In 2004 Tasha’s World releases her second album entitled: “World Domination”, wich was recorded in the prestigious Phoenix Sound studios in Wembley and the Future Sound studios in London. Since then, Tasha’s world toured the world with her full live band. From the world famous London Jazz Cafe to S.O.B’s in New York, From Ahoy Rotterdam with “Vrienden van Amstel Live” to an emotional performance with Eritrean superstar Yohannes Tikabo, from The North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague the Netherlands, to the North Sea Jazz festival in Cape Town South Africa…. she has seen and loved it all! In 2007 Tasha’s World took a break from performing and the music industry. She was spending so much time “on the road” that she felt like she needed some time off to spent more time with her family. It was during this time that she was asked to be member on the board of “Your World”( Rotterdam European Youth Capital 2009) and she started to advise the city council on music projects for Rotterdam youths. Two years ago, she was offered a change to start a new talent developmentproject for Rotterdam culture/popstage: “de Nieuwe Oogst”, called “Harvest Me”. “HARVEST ME” is a project that provides young upcoming Rotterdam Talent with all the tools necessary to become professional artists! She also serves as a member on the board for the “Buma Rotterdam Beats Festival” wich is a music conference/ festival for hiphop/reggae/R&B and Soul music.After a four year hiatus from the music industry, Tasha’s World is currently writing and recording her third studio album which is due to be released before the summer of 2013. The working title is: “BLCKGLD”.” I didn’t even realise how much I missed being in the studio, until one of my Harvest Me kids needed some backingvocals on one of his tracks. It was a rush job, we had one backingvocalist, needed one more and didn’t have time to find another, so i said i’d do it! The minute i got into the booth it hit me….Damn I love this job”… Tasha’s World is ready to share her soul with you once again!
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