Hyperaktivist (VE)


Hyperaktivist by name and by nature, Ana Laura Rincón is as dynamic as she is disruptive. Blending groove-ridden techno, psychedelic-tinged trance and rhapsodic old-school house, the DJ’s percussive persuasion ricochets through her every endeavour.

Effervescent and intoxicating, Hyperaktivist’s sets take the intrepid energy of the Caribbean coast and propel it into unchartered territory. Fusing unflinching techno with the allure of Latin rhythms, the Venezuelan-born DJ and producer invigorates every dance floor with seductive dynamism.

Since co-founding the first techno club in her hometown, Hyperaktivist has played a pivotal role in politicising Berlin’s underground. With MESS—her rebuttal to the boys club of Berlin techno—her relentless effort to push femme DJs to the fore has resulted in a long-standing OHM residency, and seen a rolodex of revered queer and femme artists grace its decks. With the intense and intimate Mala Junta, the DJ has co-cultivated a spirit of freedom, protest and celebration within Berlin’s queer community—earning recognition and collaborations from the likes of Berghain, Bassiani, and Basement as well as countless collaborations with like-minded collectives worldwide, with both her events, while still retaining its radical roots.

Fuelled by impassioned principles and an insatiable curiosity, every facet of
Hyperaktivist’s intellectual output is testament to the power of perspective.

Photo by: Agustin Farias

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