Anetha (FR)

Artist & Speaker

Anetha is a french artist, dj, producer, label manager and trained architect.

Leading figure of the new generation of French DJs, Anethais inspired by futuristic techno, trance and experimental. For ten years now, she rules - playing “hightextured” trackswith groovy rythms. Firmly, with kindness, she always delivers abundant, compelling sets to the crowd, with a powerful crowning selection.

Production wise, Anetha has released more than 30 tracks: one EP on Work Them Records(2015), two eps on Blocaus Series (2016 & 2018), the first imprint she had co-founded with her collective to develop the French local scene. She also released her « Acid Train » banger on Anagram in 2017 and a split EP on Hector Oaks’ label in 2018. Glorious anthems.

The label: talent releasing talents
In 2019, Anetha launched a new audacious label called Mama told ya, where she seeks to push boundaries, produce collaborative tracks & give a voice to emerging artists. The label already dropped more than 80 fiercetracks through 9 unique releases involving more than 40 outstanding artists - including two compilations on which Anetha has gifted us with the commanding «Free Britney» in 2021 and her king-sized dancefloor hit «How would they know» this year.

The agency: family first
In 2020, Anetha launched her new project Mama loves ya, a family that helps emergent artists grow and focus on what matters - music, while working on sustainability. As much as possible, Anetha uses her voice to help raising awareness about eco-logy and environmental impact, especially in the electronic music scene. As much as possible, she shares her experience, knowledge and artistry with younger generations. She now tours for showcases in Europe and more with every artists from the agency.

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