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Innofest: Seven Innovations That Will Change The Industry

If you’re after new ways to make your event, festival or business more sustainable, then be sure not to skip this part of ADE Green.

More and more event organizers talk about sustainability, about “smarter” and about “cleaner”. But who are the real innovators and what are their solutions? Innofest gives green entrepreneurs and inventors the chance to test their innovation at real, working festival sites. Using the festivals' flexible water and energy grids as a living lab, Innofest lets over thirty entrepreneurs each year to pilot their ideas “IRL”.

In this year’s ADE Green program, Innofest is inviting seven of the most promising startups to present their ideas for much-needed change at ADE Green. Things like circular water solutions, mobile sun power stations and gamification to improve waste separation: ready to go innovations, now with a test record to prove it. So, walk-in, meet the startups and start making an impact at your event

The Seven Innovations:

E-waste Arcades
is a design studio with a mission: 'Let's make recycling fun!'. With colorful arcades, they use gamification to improve the first step in recycling: waste separation.

launched an innovative new festival/event tent and used a complete newly invented and patented build methodology. The Tensail tents are lighter, faster and stronger, and require fewer materials. And they look amazing.

Semilla Sanitation Hubs
invented a circular water filtering system. The Semilla modules form a closed wastewater treatment unit, using advanced space technology to convert sanitary wastewater into clean water and fertilizers for food production. They will tell about last year's exciting innovations.

is committed to reducing the difference between people with or without disabilities. Their product: the wheelchair-bench literally brings people closer together. The side of the wheelchair can be extended to seat two persons and allows them to have a conversation at the same level.

Volta Energy
created a mobile sun-powered station that can be used at off-grid locations. Volta Energy has as a mission to replace all fuel-powered generators at events and festivals with their wonderful sustainable solution: mobile solar panels and batteries.

Wildcard Winners:

The Dutch startup Giant Leaps has developed a wonderful tool for festivals, catering entrepreneurs and consumers. The tool provides insight into the precise environmental impact of their menu. With the growing attention for food and the associated CO2 emissions, this tool is a great practical next step in providing insights and creating a dish within the means of our finite planet.

The international project Everywh2ere wants to unleash a hydrogen revolution in Europe. No less than 12 partners from 7 EU countries share their knowledge in the field of hydrogen in order to build a generator that can provide festivals with energy in a climate-neutral way. In 2020, Everywh2ere’s revolutionary fuel cells will be available at festivals and other urban events at various locations in Europe!

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