Harald Friedl (AT)

Speaker (Circle Economy)

Harald Friedl is a serial social entrepreneur. Since 2017 he is CEO of Circle Economy, an impact organization of 50 people based out Amsterdam with a global reach which is accelerating the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Harald has extensive international experience running both for-profit and non-profit businesses with a focus on scaling impact. Prior to joining Circle Economy in 2017, Harald spent 5 years in South East Asia (Myanmar) where he co-founded the Impact Hub Myanmar and was Managing Director of a renewable energy company. Before that he spent time working with the United Nations in New York and worked as a spokesperson for the Austrian Government and advisor to the Austrian Deputy Prime Minister. Harald started his career as a journalist and TV anchor and presented a daily show for economic news in Austria. Harald enjoys connecting with people, spending time in nature and nurturing ecosystems and people that are dedicated to making the world a better place for future generations.

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