Brands to the fore at ADE Pro

Thursday, 29 August 2019
Thursday, October 17th, will see the inaugural Brand vertical at ADE Pro, a series of panels where the role of brands in the broader world of music is front and center.

Following up on recent news about ADE conference program overview and Sound Lab introducing Beat Clinic we continue with the new ADE Pro vertical, Brands.

Following up on recent news about ADE conference program overview and Sound Lab introducing Beat Clinic we continue with the new ADE Pro vertical, Brands.

The keynote Your Label is a Brand, Your Artists are Brands - How to Make Them Unforgettable, presented by We Are Pi's director of creative brand strategy Mark Lester and senior creative brand strategist Danny Marsh, is an unmissable opportunity to hear how you can leverage your creativity and personal story to create a narrative that will underpin your career and also help you to stand out from the crowd. Marsh and Lester will be offering examples of artists, including Rihanna for whom they have created remarkable and unforgettable work as a point of entry into the world of branding and storytelling.

So You Think You Can Sync! (SYTYCS!)
, our yearly celebration of the joy and pain of composing music is back once again. The panel includes a mix of experienced and globally known producers such as Chip E., Get Physical founder Roland Leesker and Chicago DJ Hiroko Yamamura, alongside a selection of promising young producers chosen by Massive Music. Moreover, they all have one thing in common in that they have never composed music for moving images before! Their efforts are shown to a panel of experts including renowned director Floris Kingma, composer Lotte Sterk, Halrin Meijers of Massive Music, and Kristen Agee founder of sync-specialist 411 Music Group.

The Changing Landscape of Brand Integration will be examining the exciting dynamic relationship between dance music and brands as well as the myriad ecosystems that they share to mutual benefit. Panelists will delve into the crux of the nature of collaborations between brands and music and show how the relationship has grown and changed. The panel was put together in co-operation with Envision India and features Alex Hes of E&A Events, Insanity Group’s Andy Varley, Envision India’s Tamanna Mordani and Karan Badkar, Shaun Duvet from The Unit and Karin Koopmans of Oikido.

And finally, in The Great Rock and Roll Swindle, we pose the question - Are Brands Stealing Your Music? Producer Felix Wright and music industry Matt Adell will be looking at whether brands are really finding ways to cut music licensing costs and what, if anything, can be done about it. With particular reference to examples such as branded Spotify Playlists, our fearless panelists will be asking ethical and legal questions about the ways in which brands are utilizing music and how that impacts both positively and negatively on creators and rights-holders. More names for this vertical to be announced in September.

About ADE Pro

ADE Pro is the global business platform for electronic music. Founded in 1995, its the annual gathering of the electronic music industry. The three-day conference runs from Wednesday, October 16th through till Friday, October 18th at DeLaMar Theater and features dedicated programming for music professionals.

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