Halrin Meijers (NL)

Raised by a musical family, with a grandfather who worked as a music teacher and a mother who is crazy for music, it didn’t take long for Halrin to learn how to play the piano and the guitar. After moving to Groningen, Halrin developed an interest in the electronic music scene and started producing music in Ableton. After managing a DJ collective of friends across the Netherlands, he started working as a Creative Strategist for start-up Plugify, scouting talent for the platform, curating music for monthly events and building partnerships. He now works for the Music & Brands department of MassiveMusic Amsterdam, looking after music identities for brands, managing the projects and challenging the creative output. No matter what he does, he makes sure to spice up his life with music. Back in the days, he used to do that with spicy instant noodles until the doctor kindly advised him not to eat them anymore.
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