Explore Moog Music’s immersive synth playground at ADE Sound Lab

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
The American synth maker, who pioneered the design and manufacturing of analog synthesizers of Moog Music, will come to ADE Sound Lab to deepen your synthesis experience.

Following up on recent announcements about the program of ADE LIVE and Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul attending ADE Sound Lab, we now shift focus to the developments considering Moog Music.

Living in a world without synths and the way they shape the way we hear is unthinkable, especially during ADE. But if not for Robert Moog and Moog Music it’s questionable if these sounds would have become commonplace. Early electronic artists from around the world used the Moog Synthesizer to develop new styles of musical expression. With it, artists like Wendy Carlos, Keith Emerson, Klaus Shulze, Giorgio Moroder, and Isao Tomita forever changed the way we listen to the world. For the better.

Bringing with them a wonderland of electronic instruments ranging from the vintage modular systems that started it all to cutting-edge modern polysynths, Moog Music presents an immersive electronic experience for ADE attendees.

Check out Moog Music’s space at ADE Sound Lab to get hands-on, and explore their synthesized world with the 16-voice polyphonic Moog One, Legacy Moog Modular Systems, and the new semi-modular Matriarch. Also, you can engage with their synthesizer specialists and factory engineers and follow their masterclasses to rack up your knowledge.

ADE Sound Lab

ADE Sound Lab features intimate and revealing talks with major figures from the electronic scene, with formats such as ADE MusicTalks, The Record Bag Of ... and Studio XL. In previous years the program welcomed the likes of Antal, Colin Benders, KSHMR, Lena Willikens, Marco Faraone, Nina Kraviz and Xosar among many others.

ADE Sound Lab also features the annual Demolition panel with moderator and DJ Dave Clarke alongside a panel of top DJ talent, demo pitches and audiovisual installations, plus a broad range of hardware and software brands to try out. The program starts Wednesday, October 16th at De Brakke Grond and rounds up Saturday, October 19th.

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