J.Masaki (GB)

J.Masaki is currently the resident DJ of Horizon Productions Group UK, one of the British Asian nightlife entertainment groups in Scotland, based in Edinburgh. His journey into music was inspired by his beliefs in bringing large crowds together, slowly organising an array of distinguishing events, when he founded Sigma Production Hong Kong in 2010. J.Masaki strides to deliver a unique customer experience and has brought a whole new dimension to the nightlife entertainment in Scotland and Hong Kong. Throughout his career living In Europe, J.Masaki has completed a DJ course at Amsterdam in August 2014 as well as collaborated with local DJs and producers, who has also been inspired from recent resurgence in Hong Kong, Dutch and London Underground dance music. His personal style is continuously evolving and has slowly shifted from a broad spectrum of modern dance music to a passionate focus on electro house, trap and moombahton , where his main strengths remain in EDM. At this stage of his career, J,Masaki has already performed on stage with major artists such as: Lady Bee (MAD DECENT, DIM MAK), DJ Prospect (DJ City, BBC 1extra), Craig Wilson (Colours) and Hong Kong#1 - DJ Yin (Magnum Club, Zentral). In 2015, J.Masaki was the open and closing act of the French Super Star - Madeon at the BEAT-SHIP Cruise Festival (Genting Hong Kong). J.Masaki established his music production as a free art, and elegantly throws together unexpected elements with his personal twist, continuously blowing his fans away. With 'creating distinctive memories for everyone’ as his core approach towards music, he always aims to unite people with his kinetic tunes and provide a mind blogging night.
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