Twiena (NL)


While she was raised with a fusion between western values and traditional Asian culture, it took Twiena several years to develop and discover the courage to go after her passions with full force.

Turning the tables of the industry with her perspective and energy, Twiena is disrupting the scene from the heart of Amsterdam. Spinning sets with wildly vibrant combinations of rump shakin’ rave sounds designed to redefine the nightlife.

From the dynamics of Twiena’s low-end grooves, to the fluidity of her music as she introduces a balance between her pure love of 4x4 Rave & Techno sound, uplifting melodies, and perceptive mixes of emotion & intensity all fused into unforgettable moments in time. She supplies her audience with high-energy vibes that blend & blur the lines between rolling and industrial Techno, Ghetto grooves, Trance textures, and influences from the electronic scene of the UK, to Detroit, all the way to South America – Twiena creates unparalleled combinations of sound that are fresh and tantalizing.

This year, as she breaks out into the international scene with her debut single “Work” that premiered on the Mixmag Soundcloud and was included in the compilation of PARDON’s Whut?! Vol. 1. Twiena explores her immense palette of sound with hour-long sonic expeditions released online, and is currently hard at work designing a plethora of new material for the future ahead.

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