Alberta Balsam (NL)

Artist & Speaker
Alberta Balsam is a music producer, DJ and live act from Rotterdam. She produces the kind of electronic music that borders on techno, IDM and electronica. Sometimes experimental and sometimes surprisingly accessible. As her name already suggests, (Alberta Balsam is derived from one of AFX tracks), she’s influenced by artists like Aphex Twin, Clark, Lakker and Four Tet. Her heavy and dark beats are often ofset by spacious and wide synths and snippets of vocals, often heavily processed. Alberta is clearly obsessed with intricate and at times complicated harmonies and syncopated beats. Alberta Balsam has a regular show on operator-radio and was already present on Red Bull Mixtape Vol 4, featured on the Fog Mountain Compilation 010 and Beatitude Vol 4 by Lowriders Recordings. She also played the 2016 MTV Rec festival.
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