Amsterdam’s vibrant character further enabled him to expand his sound and vision to where it is today. With his eyes and ears always open to different sounds, scenes and parts of the world, he developed a unique sense for music at a very young age. For the most part EYCEE’s has been inspired by the UK scene, grew up listening to Hip-Hop and always had a weakness for percussion driven music. His sets today are characterized by contagious energy, creative blends and lots of rhythmic elements. EYCEE performs in Dutch venues and festivals regularly, and has had several international bookings. The young selector is part of generation of DJ’s that is determined to take over the Dutch and European clubs, one venue at a time. His tracks/edits and blends have reached many ears over the past year, as well as sets on Boiler Room and radio stations such as Tripple J (AUS), NTS and Radar Radio (UK). Furthermore EYCEE released his debut EP on London-based label Sans Absence this year, run by DJ and Producer Akito. EYCEE recruited his favourite producers on remix duties, Parisian Club Don Sylvere, Trax Couture boss-man Rushmore and Italian Funky champ Lorenzo BITW, all creating their unique spin on the original and taking it into new directions. Complementing his commitment to DJ-ing, EYCEE also operates behind the scenes by organizing club nights and putting together other musical ventures. One of his projects called POUND is aimed at warehouse/rave vibe, while PROOF and PARDON are club nights that function as a platform for talent from Amsterdam and other parts of the world. Also EYCEE’s is actively sharpening his productions in all fullness.
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