Charles Green (GB)

Speaker (Agent, Omni Artists)

For over a decade Charles Green has worked in various areas of the music industry, from promotions and events to bookings and artist management, whilst holding down his own residency at Brighton’s Patterns (ex-Audio) since 2012. He regulars on London radio stations such as Rinse FM focusing on a broad spectrum of music, with frequent monthly specials on particular labels and artists from whom he’s collected a wealth of records. His own productions have featured on labels like Hardgroove, Freerotation, Revenge Techniques, Furthur Electronix and more. For the past 7 years he has worked as a booking agent, and in 2020 he launched his own agency: Omni-Artists. He currently represents the likes of DJ MELL G, DJ Spit, Mama Snake, Manni Dee and VTSS, handling both their day-to-day and developing long-term artist strategy.

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