KlangKuenstler (DE)

KlangKuenstler was born and raised in a small town of Bavaria. In 2008 he had his first contact with electronic music. The enthusiasm for this music sparked the impulse to create something own. Probably the rural and quiet surroundings of his bavarian home led him to quite and deep music at first. In 2011 he founded the label 'Zuckerton Records' to release his music and give other artists with a unique style a platform for their music. In the beginning of 2012 his interest for a more developed electronic music scene made him move to Bavaria’s capital city, Munich. This decision also attracted his musical evolution. The deep and dark elements in his music decreased constantly. Now he created more sophisticated and danceable tracks and he combined electronic elements with acoustic instruments. His style an exciting kind of Tech House with influences of jazz, country and classic. Many releases followed - digital as well as on vinyl. In May 2012 he therefore founded the vinyl label 'Wolke Sieben Aufnahmen', to keep up vinyl as a medium.
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