Celebrate nightclub culture at The Ballantine’s House

Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Head over to the Scotch whisky stalwart's ADE-homebase on Wednesday October 16h for a Q&A and panel talk with Ali Saleh, Kim Tuin, Mike Grieve and Steven Lummel, live music, drinks and more.

The nightclub is a seminal part of dance culture. In fact: without it, electronic music would likely never have grown this big in the first place. This year, together with our brand new partner Ballantine’s, we are paying homage to this impetus of dance with some of the spearheads of nightclub culture from around the world as part of the Scotch whisky’s True Music platform.

The Ballantine’s House
will play host to conversations between established pioneers and a new generation of innovators, showcasing what makes these nightlife communities so special and so successful: diversity, community spirit, and an openness to all. Together, we are celebrating the long-lasting cultural institutions that these club families have become, and how they will inspire the future through talks, music and panel discussions featuring Sub Club’s Managing Director, Mike Grieve, Ferran Camarasa, Nitsa's General Manager, Output’s founder Nicolas Matar and Ali Saleh, who is the co-founder of The Gärten in Beirut.

The evening will also feature the premiere of a documentary that delves into the varied backgrounds of each of these venues. Their representatives will be joined by clubbing lynchpin Kim Tuin (Het HEM) and former General Manager of TrouwAmsterdam, hosted by Steven van Lummel (PIP Den Haag) in a Q&A before the panel conversation gets down to business.

A party will then follow featuring Sub Club residents Harri and Domenic, who are the DJs behind the longest weekly house music residency in the world: Subculture. They will be accompanied by another guest (to be announced).

Attendees will also be able to explore a new exhibition, created in partnership with Mixmag, that delves into the nostalgic histories of each of these iconic clubs.

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The Ballantine's House