ADE Pro 2019: Live Forum, Health, Legal, Brands and more

Thursday, 12 September 2019
The final touches for the three-day DeLaMar program are being made, here is an overview of the upcoming panels and keynotes to help you plan your daytime activities.

After the recent announcements about Noorderkerk opening its doors for AETHER and Compagnietheater being added to ADE Sound Lab module we continue with ADE Pro, the conference for electronic music professionals.

After the recent announcements about Noorderkerk opening its doors for AETHER and Compagnietheater being added to ADE Sound Lab module we continue with ADE Pro, the conference for electronic music professionals.

For this year's program we have introduced verticals or blocks of inter-related and complimentary topics, panels and networking moments that cover key areas of the electronic music business. Running alongside the verticals is a selection of more general issues and discussions, industry leader keynotes, artist insights and optimal networking opportunities that take place each and every day.

On Wednesday we kick-off the conference with ADE Health, ADE Live Forum and ADE Legal. ADE Health will question the ups and downsides of having talent, asking whether it is a blessing or a curse. Panels will be examining coping strategies for people who don't enjoy socializing, and how to surround yourself with an entourage of people who will enrich your life. Closing the vertical there's a fireside chat with DJ/producer and former football player Hannah Wants (GB) on the art of saying no and social network pressure.

ADE Live Forum will cover all the issues that promoters, agents and bookers face these days, whether that comes in the form of exclusivity deals or the endless back and forth on billings. We finish the Live Forum vertical with Fabulous Festival Screw-Ups, which is obviously no laughing matter (except that it is), but that also features wisdom and valuable lessons learned, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as our panelists.

ADE Legal will dive deep into matters that might seem scarily technical at first, but that is vital to anyone running a business. Themes touched on include sampling, the good and bad sides of Article 13 and the increasingly fraught, politicized and complex world of visas and work permits.

Other panels include For Fake's Sake, where we examine a world where money really can buy you fame, and influencers of questionable value are everywhere, alongside Money For The Music In The Mix, asking how and when artists will ever get their fair share when the music they have created is played in DJ sets. On top of all that, we are proud to introduce a new format called We The Audience. It's a panel without panelists where everybody in the room can take part in the discussion, and the first topic will be: Curated Playlists, Good for Business?

On Thursday our main verticals are ADE Labels, Streaming and Publishing, and ADE Brands, which will be running alongside ADE TECH, and a remarkable line-up of keynote interviews and talks. ADE Labels, Streaming, and Publishing are all about getting the music from the creator to the consumer. And To Sign, or Not to Sign? That is the Question, poses a question that every artist asks themselves these days as they seek recognition against the background of a rapidly changing creative and business environment. During How Streaming Breathes New Life Into Music we look at the halo effects of streaming platforms and how they are empowering artists and creating new opportunities for music and musicians.

ADE Brands dives deep into the realities of co-operation and mutual respect between brands and musicians. Your Label is a Brand, Your Artists are Brands - How to Make Them Unforgettable will give you advice and tips on how to tell your story, and why you really should do so. The annual So You Think You Can Sync! forum will return with an advert by Volkswagen which has been given to six producers with little or no experience of syncing music to images. On top of that our Keynote interviews will feature Amazon’s Werner Vogels, Tencent Music's Andy Ng, AEG’s Raymond Roker, Soundcloud’s Lisa Ellis and Cloud 9’s Raymond van Vliet.

will return on Thursday in cooperation with Paylogic, featuring some of the most important emerging technologies and showcasing some of the brightest minds of our generation.

The DeLaMar will host ADE Green again, but this year it will take place on Friday, a day which also includes a double panel on clubbing. Future Clubs - How To Stay Relevant in the Ever-changing Club Landscape and Clubbing 3.0: The Future of Clubbing will go deep on club culture, business strategy, club design and the changing face of how people enjoy their nights out.

We also investigate the ever-growing age range of electronic music lovers in From 6-60: The Ever-Expanding Electronic Demographic, and last but definitely not least, that very important question of How to Grow a Money-Tree? will be tackled by a panel of venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs looking at how you go from being a DJ/producer or a label executive to being an investor, and most importantly, where to place your hard-earned money.

About ADE Pro

ADE Pro is the global business platform for electronic music. Founded in 1995, its the annual gathering of the electronic music industry. The three-day conference runs from Wednesday, October 16th through till Friday, October 18th at DeLaMar Theater and features dedicated programming for music professionals.

You can enter the ADE Pro program with an ADE Conference Pass and ADE Pass, which gives you many benefits, including access to the 2019 ADE delegates database. For ADE TECH and ADE Green you are able to buy separate tickets.

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