MSJY (Unposed, De School)

Shapeshifting DJ MSJY continually changes form. After dark, a two-piece yellow tracksuit unleashes a frenzy of electric beats. When the sun is up, her gentler touch is at play: fusing unthinkable combinations of genre into alluring, deliberate provocations. Born from OOST club of north NL, she shapeshifts through a range of roles. By night, she’s routinely vibrating the dancefloor of Amsterdam’s De School: delivering bass-heavy, midnight selections that are unafraid to provoke. By day, her conceptual side is unearthed: brought to life in strongly thematic, cross-genre explorations. Unposed is her latest manifestation: a release series exploring the emotive nature of a club night's final hours. Though the shapeshifting persona can be hard to pin down, her DJ sets are rarely off the mark: willing to unwind the norms and push the narrative. A character who both owns and shifts the script.

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