Sem Moi (NL)

This silent and quirky character speaks thru his mixes, playfully drawing you in with organic and honest afro-, soulful- and deephousemusic, feeding the urge to dance and uplift one's soul. Taken under the wing by 'Liberation' in 2014, Sèm Moi showcased and developed his unique style in front of a wider public wich was very well received. Putting him alongside several internationally known artists like Culoe de Song, Boddhi Satva, Rancido, Manoo & Rocco. In doing so, Sèm Moi is slowly but surely making a name for himself in Rotterdam (Netherlands, The) with his characteristic jazzy, soulful and funky music selection, combined with african rhythms and that good-ol'-fashion house kick. This makes him one of Rotterdam's most exciting DJ talents at the moment, whom you should definitely keep an eye on. New to the scene but with a strong focus on an international DJ career, Sèm Moi proceeds putting out his lovemotivated passion for music... internationally!
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