The most versatile duo of the electronic music scene, originated from the darkest and most intense dance floors of São Paulo, Brazil. PETDuo is a Berlin based techno DJ team composed of David Merlino and Anne Gelfei. Using six players, two mixers and effects, they deliver original sonic bombs that have been shaken dance floors all over the world for the last 18 years, to include events like Love Parade (Germany), I Love Techno (Belgium), Awakenings (Netherlands), TimeWarp (Germany), Nature One (Germany), Mayday (Germany), Monegros (Spain), Aquasella (Spain), Old River Park (Italy), La Nuit Rouge (France), Tim Festival (Brazil), Dommune & Adrenaline (Japan), among other venues and parties. In addition to memorable Hardtechno dj sets, PETDuo also performs Live PA featuring their original tracks. PETDuo's signature "Wall of Sound" mixes bits of Rock, HipHop, EBM, classical and, of course, true to their roots, merciless Techno! With these influences, they create floorfillers like "Veio" and "Timeslice", which are among some of their own tracks that are unforgettable Hardtechno hymns as well their smash hit "Dance or Die", produced in collaboration with Miss DJax. PETDuo's label, Cause Records, extends their work as performers and producers to foster collaborations and feature the work of talented techno producers. They have released singles and EPs from seminal artists such as DJ Rush, Svetec, Ben Long, PET Trio (with Miss DJax), O.B.I. and Alex TB. In 2015 the couple continues to focus on music production with their newly founded label, D&A Music. D&A Music explores new realms of techno boundaries to create an experimental and innovative experience using the latest technology to input raw emotions into sounds.
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