Dragonfruit (NL)


’’Born out of a love for sample-hiphop and neo-soul’’. That is the foundation of the Dutch,
Rotterdam-based alt-R&B-band Dragonfruit. With influences that span from Flying Lotus
and J Dilla to Mahalia and Sabrina Claudio, the sound of Dragonfruit is characterized by a
mix of soundscapes, old-school samples and electronics that, together with the mesmerizing
vocals of lead singer Danique van der Vlugt, create a chilled but very danceable atmosphere.
With their first two singles ‘’Gears of the Giant Machine’’ and ‘’Some Say’’ well-received by
national and international press, they return with their new release ‘’Wasted’’.

‘’Wasted’’ conveys a message of self-reflection and self-love, in a world where both these
traits are becoming a necessity to survive. Backed by a hard-hitting groove but floating vibe,
the lyrics tell the story of someone who felt betrayed by their love for someone else but
eventually bounces back to bring positivity back into their world.

The instrumental is produced by producer Sjoerd Huissoon and Dragonfruit’s keyboard
player Anton de Bruin. It draws inspiration from boom-bap hip hop, while staying fresh due
to the synths and many layers of percussion that surround the listener. Topped with sassy
and bouncing vocals from Danique van der Vlugt, the tracks gives its own spin on the
modern R&B landscape.

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