Enzo Siragusa (GB)


When it comes to rave culture there aren’t many artists out there who are as passionate and dedicated as Enzo Siragusa. Fully immersed in the rave movement which swept Britain in the early ‘90s, the Londoner still holds true many of the aspects of that storied era, weaving them through his ambitious ventures, including FUSE which has long been ranked as one of London’s most revered brands. So, whether he’s DJing, making bass heavy cuts in the studio, steering record labels or hosting sellout events, it’s guaranteed to be fueled by a desire to perpetuate the culture that changed his life.

Enzo’s first rave was at the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes in 1993, where cult raves like Dreamscape and Helter Skelter were held. His experiences there left an indelible impression on him; from the power of the music and the sound systems, to the experience of being connected to a diverse yet unified crowd. This formed the foundation of his ongoing ethos; maintaining an equal balance between 1) music and sound, 2) a strong sense of community and 3) the environment, i.e the club itself. These three core aspects are the pillars of Enzo’s rave philosophy and undoubtedly what have made it so successful.

The catalyst behind his early forays into DJing was a healthy obsession with music which led to a very expensive vinyl addiction, one that’s still stacked with house, techno, and UK bass heavy sounds across drum and bass, garage and jungle. Over 20 years on and he’s a world-respected DJ, one whose enthusiasm remains resolute, and one whose shrewd selections have reverberated through hallowed clubs such as London’s fabric and Printworks, Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Leeds’ Mint Warehouse, Space Miami, Paris’ Rex Club, Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson and Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

Of all the clubs he’s played globalwide, 93 Feet East and Village Underground are especially memorable as they were both home to London institution FUSE. Launched in 2008, it started as a Sunday after hours before weaving itself into the fabric of the capital’s club scene with what many refer to as a pure London sound. His meticulous attention to detail is focused mainly on the potency of the sound, understanding the effect that precision can have on the dancefloor. Spurred by crowd-pulling spells at iconic Ibiza clubs Space, DC10, Amnesia and Sankeys, with Enzo at the helm alongside a tight circle of artists, FUSE later emerged as a world-renowned party with offshoots at clubbing haunts across Europe and the US. In line with the party brand, Enzo also heads up Fuse London, Locus and Infuse, three record labels which, alongside the events, act as a thriving ecosystem for the brand to continue to boom.

With the launch of event series E:DIMENSION, his next passion project, Enzo loops back to his early DJing years of playing extended sets. Never losing sight of his raving days in the ‘90s, when crowds would feverishly follow one DJ all night, he has consistently injected a taste of this era through his output over the years, including his recent sell-out All Night Long sessions at fabric, one of which was an impetus for the creation of E:DIMENSION. Opening at Printworks, the events see a reinvigorated Enzo again pay homage to his roots while kicking off a whole new chapter. He stands to bag further opportunity to push his musical boundaries and connect with music heads on a deeper level as he centers long sets, the art of DJING and the journey element of airing a genre- hopping record collection that spans decades.

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