Dennis Quin (NL)

Dennis Quin is real House fanatic from the early days, focussed on bringing the combination of classyness and energetic sounds in his productions. Though not old-fashioned but enriching his todays style with timeless elements from the past. It all started way back in 1993 when Quin got hooked with House music. Buying and spinning vinyl records. Playing the piano at age 15, he now uses his musicality and has become a professional producer, knowing and determining each key to the very right proportion. Not only the drive but also the musicallity is Quin’s trademark when it comes to building and writing tracks. Though Quin just started producing just 3 years ago, he is fully focussed on his own style of what he calls ‘Quality House Music’ Producing tracks which has got that specific Quin-sound. His producing skills got noticed by Dutch King of House: Roog and brother Greg van Bueren (Hardsoul) and since mid 2013 Dennis Quin signed an exclusive publishing contract with Hardsoul Publishing / Talpa Music. Quin is a member of the Hardsoul family coming along with friendship, passion for House music and loyalty with a goal to to extend and enrich the legacy of the Hardsoul Quality flow. His style can be described as Deep / Sexy and with UK Garage influences. With his Vinyl turntable skills, Quin’s experience reaches much further than just beatmixing digitally. As a DJ Dennis is not to be missed behind the decks, both Physically and sound-wise. Creating that unique goosebump feeling from the beginning till the end. He’s allways focussed on enjoyment and interaction with his crowd. Quin is taking the vibe to another level with his own productions and well selected tunes.
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