Ben Rau (DE)

It is said that the very first instrument mankind ever used was a drum. The repetitive beat of the primitive instrument was used in tribal ceremonies, to celebrate, bringing tribe members together and unifying their consciousness. Meanwhile the emotive responses that stem from classical compositions and string instruments are more closely connected with European ancestry. With German and Ghanaian DNA Ben Rau is blessed with the best of both cultures and the combination of influences from his forefathers permeates into his music. Infectious rhythmic grooves and emotive melodies mix together to form a rich, deep and hypnotic formula that speaks to your very soul... Ben originally fell in love with house and techno simply because he wanted to lose himself in the music and explore his deep-seated passion for music through self-expression - namely, raving. Ben spent many years tearing up dancefloors back home in Germany and in the UK, too. As time went on he became more and more involved behind the scenes, progressing from the dancefloor to the decks and into the studio. Having a solid grounding in club culture from such a grassroots level means Ben's connection with the dancefloor runs deep, likewise his studio endeavours are aimed squarely at those who dedicate their time to dancing the night away. A Berliner born and bred, Ben moved to the UK in 1999 to study Computer Animation in Bournemouth – once there, he fell in love with British culture and decided to make it his home. After a few years on the south coast he moved to London, which really cemented his hunger for music. He immersed himself in the highly influential east London party scene, having made the decision to dedicate his life to pursuing a career in music. Before he knew it Ben was tumbling down the rabbit hole and made long-lasting connections that have helped shape his career. He was introduced to Fuse owner Enzo Siragusa, before the party brand had been conceived and immediately invited to be a resident at Enzo’s first party. As time went on and Fuse came into being, Ben joined Enzo as a resident and is a central part of this iconic electronic music brand to this day. While Ben was living in the UK, Berlin had become the global epicentre of house and techno and he felt a strong calling to return home. In 2012 he decided to move back home to build a studio and he returned to Berlin with a fresh outlook, a renewed desire to succeed and the time and space to truly pursue his dreams. As 2017 begins Ben's focus is on touring around the world and his label INKAL , every waking moment is spent channeling his energy into music – resulting in extended periods in the studio, where he has accumulated an impressive collection of studio hardware. Following the advice of friends and mentors Justin Drake of Peace Division , Ben has mastered his synths and drum machines which allow him to explore electronic music and sound crafting in a visceral, immediate and spontaneous way – key aspects of the production process. A new EP for cutting edge russian techno label BodyParts dropped in September 2015 followed by Ben’s return to the Fuse Label as part of the f5 years of Fuse Triple Vinyl release , his close bond with the ever-growing Fuse outfit has never been stronger. Further releases are penciled in for Fuse as well as his own imprints Inkal and Meta he continues to build his reputation in the studio as the producer to watch out for . The future looks bright for this infectiously positive artist. With such a strong foundation, an unerring passion for his craft and so much support, Ben Rau's drum will carry on beating for many years to come...
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