Artist & Speaker (Co-Founder, Black Artist Database)

Renowned for her considered sets that meet at the intersection of contemporary UK dance music and sounds from the past and present of the underground, the DJ and producer can only be defined by her devotion to the scene.

As co-founder of Black Artist Database (B.A.D) and Black Electronic Music Association (BEMA), NIKS is an artist and facilitator who is driven by her dedication to the culture that continues to nurture and uplift her. In 2023 NIKS began the next stage of B.A.D. 's evolution and launched the label to accompany the existing platform, releasing music that aligns with its mission. NIKS is managing the label as well as acting as A&R – working to showcase high-energy, celebratory Black music. NIKS’ first single ´Badness, Can´t Work´ formed the label’s first release.

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