Sharee (BA)

2.) Haris Pekmez aka Sharee, born and raised in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Already in his teenage years he was interested in various styles of music. Inspired by the musical variety of different musical genres, searching for that “one”, finally he got in touch with electronic music scene in Germany in the 90's, where he got in close touch with.. At the time he slowely started to be driven by energetic Techno sound, mostly hard.. Experimenting with new musical tools was always part of him, and it is still today. His life path brought him to Vienna (Austria) not long ago, where he now acts in several directions, worked as the advisory member of FJU: community (art and music events), beeing their resident DJ and as well working as A&R for the german, Frankfurt based Hard Techno and Techno label, Pure Dope Digital. So far, he made collabs with many music producers regionaly and worldwide, from Serbia, Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Bahrain to USA and Japan. Chosing to be part of the underground techno scene, his sound stays hard, dark and pounding. His acts were heard in the most popular Vienna’s Clubs like Dual, Rhiz, Auslage, Donautechno and Pratersauna.
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