Seven Davis Jr (US)

In April 1981, a being entered this physical realm and landed in Houston, Texas. He then went about finding a space where all his cosmic ideas and sonic exertions could exist in harmony. He goes by the name of Seven Davis Jr. Raised in California, SDjr. is a trained gospel vocalist, raised on the classic vocal sounds of Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. He evolved with a love for jazz and classical before venturing into more mainstream/underground artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Portishead, Tricky and Bjork. With a strong artistic vision he rejected several major label offers at a young age opting instead to work behind the scenes writing, recording and anonymously assisting various other artists with their own careers. He discovered house in his early adulthood and this influence can clearly be heard throughout his productions. Futuristic sounds with classic influence as well as somewhat alien concepts – This is future soul music. Having battled some unhealthy addictions during adulthood, SDjr. transformed this negativity, ensuring it made a positive impact on his spiritual and physical evolution. After years of patiently waiting and creating in the shadows learning from everything life has thrown at him, he is now ready to share his stunning artistry with the world. With a belief that music is art and a true means of time travel, please join Seven Davis Jr. on his ever evolving quest into the never-regions of musical exploration.
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