Recut (IT)


Recut is a rather mysterious figure with a long history in the club scene under another moniker and he has made an immediate impact on the Disco world over with different Acid Disco vinyl only imprint 12″s on his own Recut Music label in authentic New York and Chicago House influences.Recut is a DJ and he started making music in the 90s fascinated by the culture of the DMC.During those times he had two turntables and a mixer, and it was all about telling a story by selecting music and playing with techniques like scratching and cutting.“It is important for a DJ to play quality music with strong roots”.He has been collecting and playing around with records for a few decades, always looking for music of different genres: Afro, Funk, Latin, Disco, House and Electronica.These varied styles of music made him quite freestyle in the sort of music he plays. He likes to promote and support vinyl culture and he wants to remember the greats like David Mancuso, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, thanks to whom the world of clubbing has inherited the true concept of party and everything related to the art of being a DJ.

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