Project North (NL)

Project North sees the collaboration of artists Josh Brust & Jeroen Dekker, who between them have been behind a number of previous releases & signed records to some of worlds most revered labels. Renowned for a more acoustic based approach to electronica, the pair have spent many years developing a blend of Dance, Hip-Hop & Latin influenced sounds & with it - displaying their ability to traverse seamlessly across musical soundscapes. Also creating their own instruments, effects & programs - the result is a uniquely audible approach to their productions that shines through. Now building on an established foundation of industry connections & past releases, the pair previously known as DAMSTERAM & JRND launch Project North & drop their debut single 'Think Twice' on global promo. Showcasing their musical agenda from the first release, the pairs focus on not being locked down to a specific genre is clear to see - as Project North demonstrate a powerful & diverse production sound, dubbed Acoustic Bass.
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  • 2018
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