Lie Dope (NL)


Merijn Lie, some of you might also know him as Lie Dope, Lie Dope Gr-8, or Mr. Club Nellestein started collecting records when he was 12 years young, now more than 30 years later, you can imagine, his appartment is full of records.

His favourite styles are UK Breakbeat, Rave, Jungle and 80s disco/boogie/funk/electro!

His inspiration 80s Pirate Radio Stations, MTV Party Zone and UK/London Pirate Radio Stations.

He had a few DJ gigs in 1997, playing jungle/drum & bass, at that time he did not go through with it, too young, too nervous, too shy and just a person who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.

After that he has been playing and mixing at home for years, organizing bedroom raves in the original Bazelpalace (his bedroom and front room) and later on Club Nellestein, which he still do today.

Started djing at parties again in December 2018 and since April 2019 he has his own weekly radio show, Monday Breakbeat Sessions at AMW.FM, playing UK Breakbeat, Rave, Jungle.

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